Нижнее белье и носки выставка LINEXPO; 6, 7, 8, 9 февраля 2019 года в Стамбульском выставочном центре! Вас приглашают на выставку, где будут представлены коллекции 2019-2020 годов. Нижнее белье, ночное белье, халат, купальники, пижамы, носки, футболки, шорты, спортивные костюмы, колготки и аксессуары... Linexpo показы мод, выставки и визуальное шоу с гигантской встречи, состоявшейся в форме секторальных и руководящих наиболее важное совещание индустрии моды в Турции.

6-7-8-9 февраля 2019 года

İstanbul Fuar Merkezi

+150 Brands

+25.0000 Visitors

+15.000m2 Exhibition Area

Компании «Нижнее белье и носки» представляют свои новые коллекции 6, 7, 8 и 9 февраля 2019 года выставка LİNEXPO Стамбул. Мы ожидаем, что весь сектор станет важной торговой выставкай.

самое важное белье Турции, нижнее белье, носки, пижама, купальный костюмы одежда и аксессуары бренда компании LINEXPO в 2019 году.

LİNEXPO ISTANBUL; 6, 7, 8, 9 февраля 2019 года в Стамбульском выставочном центре. Приглашаются все специалисты отрасли.

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Dear Friends,

Celebrating its 14th anniversary, our Association continues its operations with enthusiasm and passion and acts as voice of the sector, its door opening to the rest of the world and centre for solving the problems. On this occasion, I would like to express my appreciation to the deputy chairman and members of the board working hard for the success of our efforts and our esteemed members providing full support to us.

Undoubtedly, our lingerie sector having the biggest fourth production capacity in the world will always need a promotional event reflecting with its power...LINEXPO Istanbul Lingerie and Hosiery Exhibition will be organized at Istanbul Exhibition Centre IFM across Yesilkoy Ataturk Airport on 08-10 February 2018 with the strong support provided by our sector.

We are confident that LINEXPO will be even more successful than the previous ones thanks to the promotional activities carried out in the target markets, announcements made and events organized through various channels. Embracing the design as the most important driving force in achieving added value, our contest aimed at discovering new designers for our sector will be organized for the fourth time on May, concurrently with Istanbul Fashion Week... We continue with our efforts towards achieving mental and physical unity in investment, production, marketing and education...

I welcome you with such position feelings and thoughts also on behalf of the board of directors and invite all members of the sector to participate actively and praise unity and collaboration under the umbrella of our association.

Chairman TIGSAD

With one arm reaching out to Asia and the other to Europe, İstanbul is the only city in the world built on two continents. The Bosphorus courses the waters of the Black Sea, the Sea of Marmara and the Golden Horn through the city’s heart.

İstanbul's fate has been sealed by its vital strategic location and its enchanting natural beauty. For more than 1500 years, it was the capital of three empires: Roman, Byzantine and the Ottoman Empires. It was beautified accordingly with magnificent monuments and became a metropolis where diverse cultures, nations and religions mingled. Those cultures, nations and religions are the small pieces that form the mosaic of İstanbul. İstanbul’s most important building works started in the Byzantine period and the city was then embellished further during the days of the Ottoman Empire.

İstanbul is a magical composition of two continents, two Worlds, the East and the West... And especially the Bosphorus, Istanbul Strait will cheer up your hearts. Aside from being the largest and most popular city of Turkey, Istanbul is also the biggest cultural and financial centre of Turkey. Istanbul is considered to be the bridge that links Asia with Europe from a cultural and geographical standpoint. Istanbul is a huge metropolitan city with about 15 million residents that you can usually expect it to be busy whenever travelling there. 

One of the more popular and fantastic forms of entertainment on your Istanbul visit is the Classic Bosphorus Cruise. The cruise begins slightly to the east of the famous Galata Bridge and continues to Anadolu Kavagi which is the Bosphorus’ entrance to the Black Sea making numerous sightseeing stops along the strait.

Entertainment in Istanbul revolves around many of the entertainment venues that the city has to offer.

Did you know these facts about Istanbul?

1. Istanbul (ancient Byzantium) was founded on Seven Hills like Rome.

2. Istanbul is the only city in the world, which is both in Europe and Asia geographically.

3. Istanbul is one of the biggest cities in the world, with around 15 million population, which is more than 177 countries around the world.

4. Istanbul was the capital city of three major Empires: Eastern Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, and Ottoman Empire during their rule.

5. Blue Mosque is the only mosque in Istanbul with six minarets, which is the maximum number you can have in a mosque.

6. Istanbul has the third oldest subway in the world, built in 1875. It is 573 meters long and located in Tunel neighborhood at Beyoglu district. London subway was built in 1863 and New York subway in 1868.

7. Grand Bazaar is the biggest old covered bazaar in the world, with over 3.000 shops.

8. Hagia Sophia was the largest church in the world for about 900 years.

Hope to see you soon in İstanbul.

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